Knives from Around the World
The knives on the Knife Exchange are test knives, one of a kind, production knives or used knives that I have found.
Rough Rider
I have sharpened many knives over the years. By sharpening the blades by Lansky, I can tell if the blade is hard or not. Rough Rider puts some nice hard steel in their knives. These are part of their Stoneworks series. The small lock back is $15 and the Sunfish is $20.
Opinel No.6 Walnut
I have two Number 8 Opinel with stainless blades and Walnut scales.
3S Clip Point $50
I often get knives for testing, demo or even just because I like the knife. This is a 300 layer Damascus blade that I have been using for the last six months (a bit of a record for demo knives).
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Lansky Sharpeners
Used Small Hunter $60
This is a 3.5 inch hunter in Charlton Damascus. The handle is canvas micarta sandwiched between two layers of Chechen Rosewood.